DL9MEU: How everything started

In those days locomotives were my great passion, steam locomotives were clearly at the top of the list of the favorites. Well, the steam engines got less and then, at Christmas a "Radioman" was lying under the Christmas tree. There were many components as a diode, a transistor, both of course, with a glass housing. The transistor was mounted in a round yellow socket, and you could build an NF-amplifier. (Another HF transistor with green socket was an extra to buy ).
With the available components, a coil in size of toilet paper role, variable capacitor with one plate and diode a receiver could be build with an audioamplifier. Said and done. And there really was something comming out of the black headphones, hard to believe. In the evening there where a lot of stations to hear.
With all the way turned out capacitor I heard Radio Prague with German program and the request to send reception report

So I did.
Frequency indication: Full unscrewed capacitor.

And it is hard to believe, there was response from Prague, my

first QSL card!